• Arai Contour-X Diamond Grey Helmet

Arai Contour-X Diamond Grey Helmet



3D Arai Logo Duct
Immediately noticeable, the new 3D Arai logo duct (made as thin as possible, juste 3.5mm in depth) feeds two central 10mm intake ports. This is a first in an Arai, and entirely due to PB-cLc2's strength and the shell construction. It also works very well at low speed and with an upright riding position; at just 50km/h it's channeling an extra 40% airflow, at 120km/h 7%. It can also be opened, or closed, easily with summer or winter gloves, via short-stroke lever placed at the top; if the rider can't see the lever and the logo is in its normal place, the duct is open. The Arai logo duct is designed to breakaway in the event of an impact.

Aerodynamic rear spoiler with one piece exhaust function
The one-piece aerodynamic rear exhaust/spoiler, operated by a 3-way switch, is inspired by the DF-X2 of the Corsair-X, but redesigned for touring use-however, it was tested up to 300km/h at Suzuka. It sits a little more forward on the shell and is fed by 3 ports in the shell. As part of the Contour-X's comprehensive ventilation system it efficiently draws air but also smooths airflow over (and from the side) of the helmet, improving stability and reducing buffeting, especially while overtaking at highway speeds. The result is much less rider fatigue. Manufactured as thin and light as possible it's designed to crush or break away upon impact, therefore having no influence on protective performance.

Air-scoop chin vent
Also new is the 3-position (open, midway and closed) sliding air-scoop chin vent which flows a larger intake volume of air and has a replaceable filter. The actuating mechanism is thicker and easy to use with gloves.

Intercom accommodation
Designed to fit and connect a communication system easily on the shell exterior and without any compromise to the protection offered by the inner EPS liner.

Outer shell: PB--cLc2 (peripherally belted complex laminate construction)
The Contour-X outer shell design outlines a stylish, organic shape and uses PB-cLc2 for lightweight strength and integrated side ducts. The AR-mat has been substituted with a new material which makes it possible to reduce the weight, while maintaining strength. An extra layer of Super Fiber belting maintains rigidity in a crucial area while offering flat sides for easy fitment of an intercom system.

Variable Axis system (VAS)
With VAS, the visor mounting position is lowered, yielding an average of an additional 24mm across both temple areas, in pursuit of the ideal smoother shape that increase the ability of glancing off energy. As a result, this has made it possible for more of the shell to be smoother along and above the test line of the Snell standard.

5mm wider opening
The exclusive shell flares 5mm around the opening, making it easier to get the helmet on and off (for newcomers to Arai the initial "snugness" when putting the helmet on or taking it off can be challenging).

Neck roll wire pocket
A small stitched opening on the inside of the neck roll allows the intercom system installer to easily tuck away any excess wiring that may be left-over after installing the speakers. For a nice, clean final look and ride.