• FogZero Xtreme Antifog - Studio Cycle
  • FogZero Xtreme Antifog - Studio Cycle

FogZero Xtreme Antifog


SKU: Fog Zero:FZ8OZ

It's an Xtreme solution to an extreme problem,and the science is simple: Reduce surface tension and you stop fog before it starts. Using the latest in micro polymerization technology we have fused together the longest lasting surface tension reducing agents with a powerful antistatic formula suspending these in a concentrated paste compound.

The result...... Fogzero, champion of antifogs.

FogZero Xtreme Antifog reduces surface tension, filling in minor scratches and making the surface antistatic which eliminates dust particles so water droplets have no where to form.  FogZero will clean, repel dust, reduce glare and fill in minor scratches on all glass, plastics and polycarbonate surfaces.

Safe to use on:

  • Motorcycle windscreens, visors, gauges, goggles
  • Snowmobile visors, windscreens
  • Hockey Visors, glasses, plexiglass
  • Ski Goggles, glasses, sunglasses, A.R coatings
  • Diving masks, swim goggles, glasses
  • Paintball goggles, glasses
  • Plastic storm windows, skylights, green house windows
  • Boat portholes, gauges, instrumentation
  • Auto windows, side mirrors, headlights, acrylic paint, clear-coat
  • Television screens, computer monitors, LCD screens, cellular phone plastics, watch crystals
  • Satellite dishes
  • Collapsible windows on convertibles and SUVs
  • Safety shields, goggles, glasses
  • Welding helmets and protective equipment
  • Airplane windows
  • Bathroom mirrors, kitchen windows, glass furniture
  • Mirrors & lenses of all types
  • Gun scopes, spotters scopes
  • Binoculars, camera lenses
  • Fire fighting breathing apparatus, protective shields, glasses